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Chủ đề: Style Works XT Universal

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    Style Works XT Universal

    Style Works XT Universal v3.09 - Plus Package activated + Patch (PC) [Chỉ thành viên đăng ký mới nhìn thấy link. ]
    These are the most important features of our programs: Style Converter - for the conversion of other keyboards' styles for your instrument; you
    get access to all styles on the market, even to those which were not produced for your instrument.
    Song to Style Converter - for the creation of styles from midifiles; you miss a suitable accompaniment pattern for a
    specific song? No problem - load the song midifile into the Song to Style Converter and "cut" the rhythm from the song data.
    Style Editor - for fast and efficient modification of your style data. Alter
    volumes, sound assignments and transpositions, even for several tracks at once.
    Import/Export module - here you can create a midifile from any style. So you may now use all the
    sophisticated functions of your sequencer program even when editing styles, just as if it was a GM song.
    The single versions (e.g. Style Works XT Yamaha, Style Works XT Roland) provide working in the format of the relevant
    manufacturer, i.e. you can convert the styles of almost any other keyboard to e.g. Yamaha and create styles from midifiles for Yamha.
    Style Works XT Universal is nothing less then the summary of all 8 single programs into one
    and provids conversion between all formats and the creation of styles from midifiles in all formats.
    Single versions are available for:
    Technics * Roland * Korg * Solton * Yamaha * Wersi * Generalmusic * Kawai

    How to convert simply STYLES from any Keyboard to any Keyboard.
    1. Which keyboards have the EMC styles been made for?
    - Our styles are available in various versions for almost any current instruments of Technics, Roland, Korg, Solton, Yamaha, Generalmusic and Wersi.
    If you play a "not so current" keyboard please feel free to ask us, in general the following rule is valid: If your instrument is capable of loading the
    styles of the company's relevant top model (i.e. Roland G-1000, Technics KN6000, Yamaha PSR9000 etc), you will be able to use our styles
    2. What are the hardware requirements for my computer if I want to use a Style Works program?
    - Our programs do not need very fast processors or big RAM memory. Any Pentium PC (even 133 MHz with 16 MB
    RAM and Windows 95) will do. For efficient work your computer should have a sound card installed in order
    to make use of the playback and control functions. For a pure conversion even that is not required.
    3. Can I create accompaniment rythms from my GM songs?
    - Yes, all programs of the Style Works 2000 series provide the Song to Style Converter; in this module you can cut sections off the general
    midi song and turn them into parts of a new style. You will just define start bar, length and the types of used tracks for each Style Part
    (i.e.Intro, Fill, Ending and Variations). Anything else is processed by Style Works 2000, e.g. you do not have to take care of the key
    of the song. After setting the parameters for each part Style Works 2000 will create a regular user style in the format of your keyboard.
    4. Can transfer the styles of my old KN800 to my new Yamaha keyboard?
    - Yes, but there is one condition; all parts of the KN 800 style must be actually in the composer memory (i.e. Intros, Fills, Endings
    and Variations). Most commercial software was produced that way. Otherwise only the Variations can be converted as the other parts
    are being called up from the internal memory of the KN800, i.e. the data are not on the disk actually and therefore cannot be converted.
    5. I have purchased a Style Works for my Korg i3 about 2 years ago
    and have now changed to a Solton X1. Are there any upgrade options?

    - Yes, there are. You can either upgrade to a Style Works 2000 for Solton (charge EUR 99)
    or to Style Works 2000 Universal (EUR 249) which is compatible to all keyboards.
    6. The midifiles which I have purchased do not sound good on my Technics KN2000 and I do not
    have access to various functions of the instrument any more; how can I improve the situation?

    - By means of our Style Works 2000 Technics you can convert GM songs into the internal Technics format and get
    access to all your sounds, panel memories and composers again. Even more volumes and effects are adapted while
    loading, therefore you will get a significant better overall-sound in the converted song than in the original midifile.
    7. I am not able to load my old GEM WS2- and Technics KN1000 disks into Style Works 2000, what I am doing wrong?
    - Probably nothing, the cause is the format of the old DD disks which was created by these instruments. But
    there is a correction function to solve this problem in all our programs; (Menue; "System", "Check Disk Format").
    After executing this function the disks can be read normally in the PC (and still in the keyboards as well).
    8. The styles in my keyboard do sound great, but the arrangement
    s are just too complexe and "dense", how to you record your styles?

    - EMC is involved in the production of styles for more than 10 years now and we know this problem very well. For our own styles we always
    set the emphasis on "Live playability" i.e. one or two tracks less are sometimes better to give the live player freedom for his own creativity.
    9. When I check styles with the playback function in Style Works 2000 they
    sound very different from the playback in my keyboard, what is the reason?

    - Playback very much depends on the quality of your sound card. In most cases the richness of your keyboards' sound will not be
    achieved. In order to listen to the styles with the final sound you can also connect the midi output of your PC to your keyboard..
    10. Does Style Works 2000 cooperate with my Cubase sequencer?
    - Yes, it does. You can use all functions of Cubase even for editing or recording styles. Our Style Works 2000 programs
    in this case serve as an interface between the internal style format and the Steinberg software, i.e. you first load a style
    into Style Works 2000 and then save it in the "Export to Sequencer" module as a Cubase (or Midifile) format. Then you
    modify the data as desired, save them again in Cubase and transfer it by "Import to Sequencer" back to a style.

    [Chỉ thành viên đăng ký mới nhìn thấy link. ]
    PASS: vstclub
    2.) UNRAR
    3.) SETUP.EXE

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    Mặc định Phần mền chuyển đuôi style cho korg [PC Music] - EMC Style Works 2000 Univer

    Phần mền chuyển đuôi style cho korg [PC Music] - EMC Style Works 2000 Universa. bản này mình thấy it bị lỗi hơn [Chỉ thành viên đăng ký mới nhìn thấy link. ]

  3. 3 thành viên sau đây đã bấm nút Thanks (gửi lời cảm ơn) tới tuandatmusic cho bài viết hữu ích này:

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    Trích dẫn Gửi bởi Mykinyeu [Chỉ thành viên đăng ký mới nhìn thấy link. ]
    Style Works XT Universal v3.09 - Plus Package activated + Patch (PC) [Chỉ thành viên đăng ký mới nhìn thấy link. ]

    [Chỉ thành viên đăng ký mới nhìn thấy link. ]
    PASS: vstclub
    2.) UNRAR
    3.) SETUP.EXE
    Thấy chương trình nầy rất hửu ít nhưng hình như file bị xóa hây bị lỏi gì ròi mình không tải về được, xin bạn có thể tải lại chương trình nầy cho anh em có cơ hộ biết thêm. Rất cảm ơn bạn

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    Cho em hỏi cái này hình như không chuyển được style của pa 600 sang pa 800 nhỉ?

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